Friday, April 25, 2014

Casting call for FOX's upcoming reality show "Utopia"

Interested in showing the world how permaculture can build the perfectly sustainable society? 

Here's your chance...

I am quite happy to bring this information to the permaculture community in and around the St. Louis area. I've been contacted recently by a representative of The Conlin Company, the production company responsible for casting FOX's new and upcoming TV reality show "Utopia." I was asked to pass along the information regarding the casting of the show as they are interested in casting individuals with a background in permaculture which, again, I am pleased to do.

Here is an excerpt from the message I received describing what they are looking for...

"We are taking a group of 15 people, selected from across the country, and filming them for a year, as they work together to create a new, ideal society.  They will get to choose how they will live, what kind of rules they will have, how they will make money, and more.

We are going to be in St. Louis, April 27th - April 29th, interviewing people who want to audition for the series.

I want to find people who truly have a desire to put their ideas to work, to find out if their ideas for creating a new "Utopia" would work.

I am looking for all skills and backgrounds - everyone, including farmers, lawyers, doctors, artists, green and sustainable food growers, inventors, chefs, you name it! Basically, people who want to know if their ideas would work. If you had the chance to create your own ideal society, what would you do, and how would you do it and how would you teach others - that is what I am looking for.

I am contacting you because I am trying to reach out to people in the permaculture community. I thought you might be able to help put the word out."

More focus on permaculture ethics and principles in the mainstream has been sought after by permaculturists for so long now. Here is an opportunity to begin doing just that. I sincerely hope that many of you will take advantage of this opportunity. They will be at Earth Day in Forest Park interviewing those of you interested.

Here are links through which you can apply for a casting interview in the event you can't make it out to Forest Park for Earth Day on the 27th...
The Conlin Company - casting, development, & production

Friday, September 20, 2013

Missouri food forest design project

In addition to going back to school full-time studying horticulture and maintaining the day to day drill of family life and support, I've been conducting exhaustive research into food forest design relative to the temperate climate of Missouri.  My focus thus far has primarily been on plant species native to Missouri, but I will not exclude other productive or supportive plant species that are easily naturalized and are non-invasive.  I will be talking about native vs. non-native species in an upcoming post.  Nonetheless, I have become obsessed with this fanciful notion of establishing permanent food forests all over the state so that, for generations to come, Missouri residents can have a place to go for sustenance and, overall, food sovereignty.

This is my approach.  Research, research and more research.  This is the phase I am in now, but I am getting close to implementation, hence this post.   My research includes, but is not limited to, Missouri forest ecology and evolution, average precipitation per region, native productive and supportive plant species as well as easily naturalized, non-invasive plant species, diversified interactions of those species, and much more.

Once the research is complete and I feel like I am ready for implementation, I intend on launching a crowdfunding campaign via seeking people all over the world who want to play an integral role in establishing permanent food forests all over the Missouri landscape and, hopefully, beyond.

I will first seek out two to five acre tracts of land, but I will not seek out the most pristine as most would when buying land.  The goal being to repair damaged soils, build more soil and instigate the evolution of an ecologically healthy food forest, my focus will be on the most ecologically damaged, recently logged, cheapest and unwanted lands.  It is time for us permaculturists all over the world to take our knowledge of permaculture design science to begin selflessly repairing lands in our respective regions to ensure food resiliency and sovereignty for our entire species.  Be a part of the herd barreling toward the edge of the cliff or plant a few trees in front of the herd and change its course.  I choose the latter.

Once the land is acquired and its starting ecological health is assessed, the repair process will begin by establishing swales where needed to slow down the movement of water over the landscape and put carbon back into the soil using hugelkultur or wood core concepts to ensure drought resistance.  Then native, pioneer plant species will be brought in to begin the healing process.  Throughout the healing process, productive plant species will begin to be integrated into the design relative to that specific landscape and the natural evolution of a forest and its various layers.

As the food forest begins to become established in as little as two to three years, it will be open to the public, initially as a display model for what is possible and, eventually, as a life-support system that can always be depended upon.

In short, my vision is this, establishing a momentum that leads to an exponential growth of food forests far and wide utilizing sound, ecological design science.  I hope that soon, when I am ready to implement this process, I can count on all of you for support as, some day soon, a food forest just might be coming to a landscape near you.  In the days and weeks to come, look forward to an eBook I am putting together about food forest design in Missouri that will be offered for free.  It will be as comprehensive as I can possibly make it.  I don't only want to begin establishing food forests all over myself.  I want to give all of you the step-by-step knowledge of how to design them yourself.  Also, look forward to the initial launching of the campaign to begin the ongoing process of repairing the land and establishing food forests in Missouri.  Until then, let the research continue.